Alisha Heaton, OD

Rustin Hatch, OD
Immediate Past President

Lauren Huber, OD
President Elect

Jared Birch, OD


Brian Miller, OD
North A

Daniel Schrempp, OD
North B

James Bewley, OD
South West A

Jason Besecker, OD
South West B

Todd Slusser, OD
South Central

Cody Jones, OD
South East   


Lisa Argo

Amy Leavitt
Vice President

Arnica Phillips

Tami Arnett
Trustee Chair   


Randy Andregg, OD Executive Director

Lisa White
Financial Officer  


Idaho Optometric Physicians is a strong association that spans across Idaho.  I have been a proud member since starting my career in Idaho in 2010 and have witnessed the strength of our collaborative efforts on numerous occasions.  We are as strong as our members and leadership dedicated to the great profession of optometry.

Past leadership has provided us with a great scope of practice that we have utilized since the early 90's.  The hard fought battles of those leaders can be too easily forgotten. This is especially true for those of us that have practiced less than 20 years.  States across the country including Idaho are expanding and advancing the profession.  Much of Idaho is rural and under served by optometry and ophthalmology.  The ratio of ophthalmologists to optometrists is approximately 1 to 4.  We owe it to patients in Idaho to practice at the highest level of our education.

Too often it is easier to sit back and watch others lead the charge.   Many of our leaders have been in leadership roles for decades.  Currently the majority of our board is comprised of physicians under the age of 40.  This trend must continue to keep progress rolling.  Serving in the leadership is a rewarding experience that will force you to take a different viewpoint.

If you are not a member, I encourage you to consider membership in the IOP.  We welcome all doctors of all types of practice.  Optometry is unique to encompass many types of practice.  The greater the diversity, the stronger we are.  Together our mission is to advance and support optometric physicians in serving eye and healthcare needs in Idaho.   

Alisha J. Heaton, OD
2018 IOP President    

Mission Statement: To advance and support optometric physicians in serving eye and healthcare needs in Idaho.

Vision Statement: The recognized authority for vision and primary eye care in Idaho.

Benefiting optometrists and their patients for more than a century.